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Brand Story

In 1995, our founder Shaw came to Nuremberg, Germany, and rented cheap rooms to recruit students and painters to create, copy, collect and resell oil paintings in batches, bringing in the special oil painting industry. A new industrial base with multiple functions such as exhibition, trading, and training has taken its shape.

As more and more painters were recruited to Shaw's studio, from 2002 onwards, Shaw transformed this studio into a unique cultural brand and increased its publicity. The company developed from a small studio at the beginning into a 2,000 square meter oil painting factory and invited world-class artists to join the team. Shaw then established his own oil painting company. The sales of our oil paintings are mainly in Europe and America, and the market covers more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

Due to the rapid development of the internet, Shaw and his team set up an online website in 2012, and now there are more than 120 hired painters. Since its establishment 27 years ago, the company has had more than 500,000+ online and offline customers, with a 98% positive feedback rate. Quality is our only criterion, and we are favored by professionals in countries all over the world.