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Hendrick Terbrugghen

Hendrick Terbrugghen

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Hendrick Terbrugghen, also known as Hendrick Jansz ter Brugghen (1588 -1629), a Dutch painter of genre scenes and religious subjects, was an artist of Utrecht Caravaggism, the Dutch follower of Caravaggio. Ter Brugghen was one of the most significant Dutch painters influenced by Caravaggio, along with Gerrit van Hondhorst and Dick van Babrunn.


Ter Brugghen was born into a catholic family in 1588 in The Hague, a city in the Netherlands. He started to paint when he was thirteen and was presumably apprenticed to Abraham Bloemaert, a Utrecht mannerist. After this, he travelled to Italy, and was heavily influenced by Caravaggio, and artists such as Orazio Gentileschi, Annibale Carracci, Domenichino and Guido Reni. After he returned to Utrecht, he worked in the studio of Gerrit van Honthorst, who was also a follower of Caravaggio, and together they were known as the Caravaggisti, as they adopted Caravaggio's style and technique. Ter Brugghen used tenebrism, which used a dramatic use of light and shadow, making a violent contrast and letting the show dominate the painting. He painted many religious and genre works and often painted figures with instruments. As the most significant artist of the Caravaggisti, Ter Brugghen was very popular and received many commissions. On 1 November 1629, He died in Utrecht, possibly due to the plague.


Peter Paul Rubens, the famous Flemish master, even described Ter Brugghens's work as "...above that of all the other Utrecht artists."

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