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David Emil Joseph De Noter

David Emil Joseph De Noter

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David De Noter (1825-1875) was one of Belgium's leading academic painters, best known for depicting rich kitchen interiors in his paintings. His attention to detail and masterful control of his craft make his work realistic.

De Noter was born in Ghent in 1825 and eventually settled in Brussels. He specialized in landscapes and fruit and flower paintings. His works focus on fruits and flowers, as well as interiors and genre scenes, in oil and watercolor.

His lush still-life paintings, featuring brightly colored flowers, fruits, shells, and sometimes animals and birds, were popular throughout Europe and the United States. He received honors at Paris and London's most prestigious art institutions. He frequently traveled to Algiers and frequently exhibited at the Paris Salon.

De Noter was highly regarded throughout his career. He later became acquainted with Baron Henri Leys, who hired De Noter to paint in his studio, and he won several medals, first bronze at the Paris Salon of 1845 and later gold at Brussels in 1854. He was an outstanding still-life painter.

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