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Nancy Ruby Art Exhibit On Display At OTCA Through November


The Old Town Center for the Arts presents a collection of landscape oil paintings by local artist Nancy Ruby, according to a news release.

Nancy Ruby has been living and working as a fine artist in Sedona since 2008. She concentrates on painting and ceramics, exploring and experimenting with technique and process. Her studio is at home where she lives on national forest land in a rural area outside of town with her husband, Michael, and their cat, Bodhi.

She is a member of Sedona Visual Artists Coalition and participate in their annual show and Open Studios tour.

“My work takes viewers on a journey, revealing discoveries I have made by observing and connecting with the land. My work is interactive. Within each layer, I leave something of what has come before as signposts of the beginning, middle, and end of my creative process,” Ruby said. “We’re thrilled to have Nancy’s work exhibited at OTCA,” OTCA Manager Elena Bullard said. “When seen as a collection, as a viewer, you become transported to a beautiful interpretation of the intimate landscapes that surround and intertwine through our community.”

Ruby describes her art and process in her own words.

“My paintings convey a sense of place. I am inspired by natural landscapes and incorporate forms, images, and symbols into my paintings and sculptures. If unprimed canvas and natural raw pigments can create a representation of the Earth’s ancient movement for me, then perhaps my creation will touch another person in a similar way,” Ruby said.

Nancy lived in Texas for the first 50 years of her life. Born in San Antonio, and graduated from Trinity University in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in art and a concentration in painting.

  • Landscape oil painting by Nancy Ruby.

  • Landscape oil painting by Nancy Ruby.

  • Landscape oil painting by Nancy Ruby.

For the next 30 years, she worked in Houston in the interior design business, owned a decorative painting company and worked as a rug and fabric designer. She continues to design for Tribute Goods, a linen company in Houston.

She has participated in juried art exhibitions in Arizona, Texas, Virginia, and Georgia, and created a mural for the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. In the Verde Valley area she has shown at The Manheim Gallery, Rumi Tree Art Gallery, Verde Art Gallery at Yavapai College Clarkdale, White Hills Gallery and The Sedona Hub.

Landscape oil painting by Nancy Ruby.

Ruby is an active participant in The Sedona Coyote Poets, she creates and contribute poems regularly and shares them in public readings. Her interests include geology, anthropology, biking, hiking, gardening, traveling and living an uncomplicated life close to nature.

“I respect that my life experiences teach me of the world’s constant changes. I can only hope that I am a good student, open, unguarded, available to learn what is being offered at the moment. I seek common ground, which, for me, comes from my connection with the land.”

———— Nancy Ruby

Ruby’s art work will be on exhibit through November. Old Town Center for the Arts is located at 5th Street & Main in Old Town Cottonwood.

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